Every year we walk to support my 17 year old niece/goddaughter Grace.  She was diagnosed at birth with Cystic Fibrosis.  Put simply, it's a chronic, degenerative disease that affects the lungs and pancreas.Check out the following link to get a full debriefing of the disease:

Every year I raise money, and every year, I'm blown away by the response I get.  Grace doesn't get time off from this disease, and the harder we work now to find a cure, the longer she will live. Not a variable of HOW she will live, but IF she will live.  That's the hard truth, because there is NO CURE.  As always, it's not the amount of the donation, but the effort to help that makes a difference.  Of course, any additional effort to spread the word through social media would be amazing.  

Infinite thanks to all of you that have helped us so far, and an open invitation to any of you who wish to begin now!


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